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The Vocabulary of Commercial Contracts

‘The Vocabulary of Commercial Contracts’ is an advanced vocabulary workbook for international lawyers who need to draft and amend commercial agreements. This book is for learners who have high intermediate – advanced general English and who already have a good basic knowledge of legal English. The contractual vocabulary is listed alphabetically over 69 pages and an explanation is provided in plain English. Each set of new words is followed by a gap-fill exercise to check understanding.
The commercial vocabulary contained in this book has been selected by a careful examination of the hundreds of typical clauses found in commercial contracts drafted in English. All major law firms say that the ability to understand and draft commercial contracts is the most important skills an international lawyer can offer to an employer. This book is more practical and concise than most legal dictionaries for the purpose of understanding commercial contracts in that it is 100% practical and is completely focused on the language of contracts.

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